If you are an Aboriginal person wanting to work for us, or you are someone who is committed to positive social change and you have skills, experience and values that are a good match for Bawinanga, please contact us. If we don’t have a suitable current vacancy, there might be an opportunity to volunteer with us.

If you live locally and are currently unemployed, you might want to join our CDP programme.

We are a culturally safe and socially inclusive workplace, supportive of equal employment opportunity principles, and career development and progression throughout the organisation.

Career opportunities range across management, retail, administrative and financial services, land and sea rangers, arts and culture, employment services, housing and construction, roadworks, automotive, hospitality and micro-enterprises.

We employ people who are committed to positive social change and who want to work for an organisation that values:

  • respect for culture, country and each other
  • accountability
  • teamwork
  • continuous improvement; and
  • open and honest communication.