The women I see here, they are quite shy but in their workplace they are powerful.

Helen Williams, founder of Bábbarra Women’s Centre

Bábbarra Women’s Centre has a proud history of positive social impact. Since 1983, we have supported the continuation of culture and economic independence of Indigenous women in the community of Maningrida and on surrounding homelands.

Originally established as a women’s refuge, Bábbarra Women’s Centre now provides activities, employment and training opportunities through the establishment and operation of appropriate small business enterprises. The centre runs a textile workshop specialising in the production of hand-printed fabric designs that reflect the makers’ connection to country and their extensive cultural knowledge.

The Bábbarra social enterprise model is responsive to identified needs. From our Maningrida premises we operate an Op Shop that sells second-hand clothing, toys and homewares, as well as operating a community laundromat. Bábbarra Women’s Centre engages in a number of community development projects such as the establishment of the Maningrida Women’s Committee and the refurbishment of five outstation women’s centres. For country to be healthy, the families of the right landowners must be walking on it and actively managing it, using the knowledge passed on for many generations. Bábbarra Women’s Centre is re-activating existing homeland women’s centres to help ensure country is lived on and cared for, and that younger generations remain connected to their homelands.

Bábbarra Designs artisan fabrics and hand-sewn items can be purchased at the retail store at Bábbarra Women’s Centre, as well as online and through our network of retailers.

The world knows about us. We’re big. We’ve been everywhere.

Deborah Wurrkidj, artist of Bábbarra Designs

Phone: 08 8979 5775
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm