Our Rule Book sets out the composition and responsibilities of our governing board of directors and other regulatory mechanisms to ensure adherence to relevant legislation and transparency and accountability. The Rule Book also sets out how our members can exercise their rights.

Board of directors

Bawinanga is governed by a board of directors that is elected by corporation members every two years. Up to ten of the directors are elected from members list and two are non-members.

  • Wayne Kala Kala (Chairperson)
  • Julius Kernan (Deputy Chair)
  • Victor Rostron
  • Valda Bokmakarray (Secretary)
  • Cindy Jinmarabynana
  • Janet Marawarr
  • Oliver Ankin
  • David Jones
  • Eddie Mason
  • Wally Grimshaw (Non-member Director)
  • Caroline Marsh (Non-member Director)