The Bawinanga management team is led by the CEO and comprises corporate and divisional managers. Together, they implement policies and directions approved by the Board.

Management team:

  • Ingrid Stonhill, Chief Executive Officer
  • Hank Arts, Corporate Services Manager
  • Simon Turner, Acting Manager, Homelands and Housing
  • Michelle Culpitt, General Manager, Arts and Culture
  • Chloe Gibbon, Manager, Maningrida Art Centre
  • Ingrid Johanson. Manager, Bàbbarra Women’s Centre
  • Duncan Whitchurch, Manager, Bawinanga Rangers
  • Dean Brooker, Manager, Retail Services
  • Suzanne Mutch, Community Services Manager
  • Lindsay Cogill, Manager, Civil Works
  • Nathan Ahern, Manager, Workshops
  • Rachel Dobbie, Human Resources Manager
  • Tim Stonhill, Manager EH&S
  • Richard Hartshorn, Finance Manager