The Djómi Museum is home to a large, unique and extremely valuable cultural collection of national and international significance, the beginnings of which were established in the 1970s. It features important bark paintings and sculptural works, artefacts and items of material culture, as well as a display of weavings. Photographs documenting the cultural, social and historical life of the region include images by Axel Poignant.

The collection has largely been built through acquisitions from Maningrida’s art centre, and also donations of works from private collections, and from people who have worked in Maningrida dating back to its inception as a trading post in the 1940s.

The collection includes works by generations of artists such as Crusoe Kuningbal and his son Timothy Wulanjbirr, works by England Banggala, Wally Mandarrk, Yirawala, Jack Wunuwun and Les Mirrikurriya (all deceased), and more recent artists from the region.

Djómi is an official regional museum of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Visitors can request access to the Djómi Museum through Maningrida Arts and Culture. Any proposals for research of its collection will be considered by the Bawinanga Arts & Culture Sub-committee and will take into account existing and strategic priorities, and benefits to landowners, djungkay (land managers) and artists.

Phone: 08 8979 6100
Opening hours: By appointment only.