Djelk IPA Steering Committee

The Djelk IPA Steering Committee is a highly experienced representative body of senior landowners and djungkay who make decisions that look after the rights and interest of all landowners and djungkay of the Djelk IPA region. Their decision-making is informed by their collective expertise and the advice provided by the Djelk IPA Advisory Committee.

Djelk IPA Advisory Committee

The Djelk IPA Advisory Committee includes representatives of core partners associated with the land and sea management sector. They are responsible for providing expert advice to the Djelk IPA Steering Committee.

  • Melissa George – North Australian Land & Sea Management Alliance
  • Matthew Salmon – Northern Land Council
  • Peter ‘Polly’ Russell – Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
  • Robert ‘Bo’ Carne – NT Fisheries
  • Paul Mery – Commonwealth Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet
  • Grahame Gillespie – NT Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Karl Dyason – Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation