Improving the lives of people on homelands by caring for culture, languages and country, through services that improve housing, health, education and roads.

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Bawinanga is a progressive Aboriginal corporation based in Maningrida. We represent the Aboriginal people of the homelands and 32 outstations surrounding Maningrida in West Arnhem Land, and we are a major service provider for Aboriginal people in the region.

All of our work is carried out in the context of people’s traditional lands, cultural practices and languages. In addition to our advocacy role, we deliver housing maintenance and municipal and essential services to homelands. We manage other programs and enterprises including the Bawinanga Rangers, Maningrida Arts & Culture, Bábbarra Women’s Centre, the Djómi Museum, Barlmarrk Supermarket, a Tucker Run to the homelands and mechanical workshops.

We also manage Maningrida’s Community Development Program (CDP), Community Patrol, Money Management and the Remote School Attendance (RSAS) programs, and we maintain roads and airstrips in the region through our civil works program.

Tourists and visitors to Maningrida who buy supplies, including fresh locally caught fish from Barlmarrk Supermarket, enjoy the spectacular surrounding country maintained by the Djelk Rangers, or acquire exquisite artwork from Maningrida Arts & Culture or Bábbarra Designs are benefitting from and investing in our activities.

If you’re planning on travelling to the region independently, for work or pleasure, you’ll first need to obtain permits and book accommodation at Dhurrkudji Lodge, the MPA Hotel or Barramundi Lodge.

Wherever you are, we invite you to learn about this place, Maningrida / Manayingkarírra / Manawukan, and support the work Bawinanga does here and in the surrounding homelands with and for the people whose country this is.