Bawinanga’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the maintenance of language, culture and traditional practice
  • Promote the sustainable use of traditional lands
  • Promote community development
  • Promote the welfare of residents
  • Provide or assist in the provision and maintenance of education, employment, housing, health, communications and other services
  • Foster business opportunities and to promote economic independence
  • Promote, in all of its endeavours, the common good and mutual benefit of its members through fair, equitable and representative action and enterprise.

The corporation’s strategic goals are to:

  1. Attain financial independence through innovation and enterprise.
  2. Achieve self-determination for the corporation’s members.
  3. Build safe, healthy and sustainable homelands through excellence in service delivery.
  4. Protect, preserve and promote country, languages and culture for future generations.
  5. Employ local people as managers and staff for BAC.

We are currently focused on becoming a better advocate for the rights and interests of our members and local people in the region.