Women Ranger, Maningrida Based

BAC is a large and complex regional community development organisation providing services to homelands in the Maningrida region, administering some 50 grants and managing a suite of businesses and programs including:  Housing, Civil Works, Essential Services, Bábbarra Women’s Centre, Bawinanga Rangers, Barlmarrk Supermarket, Fuel Supplies, Mechanical Workshops, Arts and Culture/Djomi Museum, Wild Foods Café, Community Patrol, Employment Services and Money Management Services.

BAC is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by corporation members every two years.  BAC enacts policies developed at the executive level through the leadership of the CEO and the Senior Management team.

BAC’s mission is to improve the lifeways of our people on land and sea in order to preserve and grow culture and language. BAC is a values-based organisation with an emphasis on: Trust, Respect, Transparency, Innovation and Partnership.  These are principles and behaviours we display when working together.

Purpose of the position:

This position works as part of the Rangers team and assists with Natural and Cultural Resource Management (NCRM) on Indigenous land in West Arnhem Land in the NT, specifically within the DJELK Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

The role predominantly involves working on country as part of a small team and in consultation with landowners. Support capacity building and development of local women in land and cultural management.

Key Accountabilities:

  •  Work with team to consult appropriately with Traditional Owners;
  • Follow Health and Safety policies and rules i.e. no drugs or alcohol at work, no speeding in cars, zero harm to others and the environment;
  • Participate in required formal training, and on the job learning from senior staff;
  • Participate in weekly planning and regular meetings with TOs and other stakeholders;
  • As part of the women team take lead role in fulling NAQS Biosecurity contacts (animal health, dog census, aquatic biosecurity and plant surveys);
  • As part of the women team take lead role in weed management – survey, chemical and biological, fencing and record keeping;
  • As part of the women team take lead role in fire management including planning, creating firebreaks, ground and aerial burning, coordination with other rangers and ALFA, etc.;
  • As part of the women team take supporting role in feral animal management – ground and aerial culling, fencing and exclusion, trapping and radio tagging with CSIRO;
  • support sea country work through conducting sea country patrols, compliance reporting, maintenance of vessels and equipment, training and development;
  • Support improved visitor management and compliance;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all equipment, vehicles used in the job;
  • Help manage threats to cultural sites in consultation with TOs and rangers;
  • Work with LoC program to train children and mentor interns and trainees;
  • Support women specific cultural activities in the community;
  • Help manage problem crocodiles;
  • Help with marine debris and rubbish collection;
  • Maintain daily work records;
  • Completion of other relevant tasks set by WoC/IPA and IPA Steering Committee;
  • Work effectively in a team environment;
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with BAC staff, and develop sound working relationships through delivering appropriate and honest support and/or feedback;
  • Any other reasonable duties requested by your supervisor which are within your capabilities;
  • Responsibly represent Bawinanga Rangers at all times.

Selection Criteria


  • Driver’s licence or ability to get a one
  • Ability to work on country in sun
  • Ability to learn new skills and follow instructions;
  • Positive attitude at work
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Speaking knowledge of at least one local language;
  • Ability to talk with all kinds of people.
  • Similar experience in land or sea management position


  • Experience working for a community development or not-for-profit organisation.
  • Good written and reading in English;
  • Completed school to grade 11;
  • Have previous work experience or Learning on Country
  • Ability to use computers;
  • Have experience in looking after country.

For more information, please contact the BAC HR Office on 08 89796555

If you want to apply for this position, please email your CV and cover letter, including a response to the Key Selection Criteria directly to Human.Resources@bawinanga.com

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply.

PD – Women’s Ranger

Expression of interest