Cultural Liaison and Harvesting Coordinator – Westside

This is an identified position under section 25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

BAC is a large and complex regional community development organisation providing services to homelands in the Maningrida region, administering some 50 grants and managing a suite of businesses and programs including:  Housing, Civil Works, Essential Services, Women’s Centre, Djelk Rangers, Barlmarrk Supermarket, Fuel Supplies, Mechanical Workshops, Arts and Culture/Djomi Museum, Good Food Kitchen, Outdoor Supplies, Night Patrol, Employment Services and Money Management Services.

BAC is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by corporation members every two years.  BAC enacts policies developed at the executive level through the leadership of the CEO and the Senior Management team.

BAC’s mission is to improve the lifestyle of people on homelands by caring for country, preserving language and culture through the delivery of services to improve housing, health, education and roads.

BAC is a values based organisation with an emphasis on: Respect for Culture, Country and each other, Accountability, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement and Open and Honest Communication.  These are principles and behaviours we display when working together.

The position is responsible for the support of artists working through Maningrida Arts & Culture and assisting in the harvesting of materials for art making

To be successful in this role you must have

1.       In depth knowledge of Maningrida artists and culture.

2.       Extensive knowledge of arts practice and materials.

3.       Knowledge and ability to communicate in at least two of the languages spoken in the Maningrida region.

4.       Sound driving skills and knowledge of outstations and ability to travel to various homelands in the region.

5.       Chainsaw ticket and driver’s license

6.       Highly developed interpersonal, communication, and cross cultural skills.

7.       Experience living and working in Maningrida.

If  you would like to apply for this role please email your resume through to

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