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CDP Ye Ya Activities Supervisor

BAC is a large and complex regional community development organisation providing services to homelands in the Maningrida region, administering some 50 grants and managing a suite of businesses and programs including:  Housing, Civil Works, Essential Services, Bábbarra Women’s Centre, Bawinanga Rangers, Barlmarrk Supermarket, Fuel Supplies, Mechanical Workshops, Arts and Culture/Djomi Museum, Wild Foods Café, Community Patrol, Employment Services and Money Management Services.

BAC is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by corporation members every two years.  BAC enacts policies developed at the executive level through the leadership of the CEO and the Senior Management team.

BAC’s mission is to improve the lifeways of our people on land and sea in order to preserve and grow culture and language.

BAC is a values-based organisation with an emphasis on: Trust, Transparency, Innovation and Partnership.  These are principles and behaviours we display when working together.

This position is to supervise the trade skills activities, with the intention of upskilling and developing capability of job seekers in this area. To be successful in this role you will be required to undertake the following duties:

·         Lead a team of jobseekers to participate in CDP Activities

·         support jobseekers in attending and completing meaningful tasks involved in their activity

·         Communicate positively with participants/job seekers their mutual obligation requirements under CDP

·         Undertake data entry into the CDP system and assist with compliance when required

·         Contribute ideas to the development of new activities.

·         Ensure weekly timesheets are recorded accurately for each participant

·         Ensure responsibility within your position by attending duties on time for work, maintaining correct breaks and always notifying supervisors of intended absences

·         Provide evidence that work for the dole activities have been fulfilled

·         Notify Activity Engagement Manager of non-attendance of job seekers at activities as soon as possible.

·         Ensure worksites meet WH&S standards and compliance

·         Maintain work vehicles and Bawinanga equipment daily and report any problems to the Manager as soon as possible

·         Sign equipment and vehicles out from asset register on a daily basis

·         Inform the Activity & Engagement Manager of any issues with the Project/Activity or a participant

·         Record attendance and support the project by sharing skills and ensuring a safe activity environment

·         Advise non-local staff about cultural values and cultural awareness

·         Understand and support continuous quality improvement in the delivery of CDP services to the BAC Communities.

·         Regularly discuss improvement opportunities with supervisor, coordinators and Activity & Engagement Manager.

·         Adhere to the BAC Policies and Procedures, and Code of Conduct

·         Be proactive in the area of relationship management with all BAC staff, and develop sound working relationships through delivering appropriate and honest support and/or feedback

·         Ensure communications are appropriate to BAC communities, BAC & its entities within which the role operates.

·         Act with integrity at all times and ensure that areas of responsibility operate in an open, transparent and accountable manner.

If you wish to apply, please send an expression of interest via the link or email us on for the Position Description.

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