CDP Employment Services Manager


This position is responsible for leading the Community Development Program – Employment Services Unit to ensure effective and efficient service delivery of employment services as per Bawinanga’s contractual requirements with the Australian Government. Currently we have 1,100 Job Seekers enrolled with our employment services the aim being to develop job plans with each regarding their skills and work development needs and determine their mutual obligations under work for the dole program.

The position reports directly to the Community Development Program (CDP) Manager.

Primary areas of responsibility include:

Employment Office Services

·         Manage a team of onsite and offsite staff to attend to the requirements of Job Seekers in Maningrida and surrounding homelands. The team includes 4 employment consultants, 2 Job Placement Officers, 1 Administration Officer and 3 casual employment consultants offsite.

·         Ensure that the processes and procedures of the Australian Government’s Community Development Program ECSN system are completed correctly by the staff each day.

·         Develop partnerships with businesses, community agencies and government services to provide employment opportunities and pathways for Job Seekers.

·         Ensure that Job Seekers residing in the homelands are visited regularly by Bawinanga CDP Employment Services so they can meet their reporting obligations and complete required paperwork.

·         Ensure all job plans completed by employment consultants meet contractual requirements in the ECSN system.

·         Achieve regional employment targets and drive job placement activities that will achieve 13 and 26 week outcomes.

·         Responsible for Workplace Health and Safety of the CDP Employment Office and its staff, complete risk management plans identifying potential risks for staff and customers, work with senior management to attend to identified risks.

·         Identify training needs of CDP Employment staff and work with eh HRM Manager to provide appropriate training to them. Provide on the job support and ECSN training for indigenous staff.

·         Meet regularly with CDP Activities Manager to discuss the trends of participants, participants choices and preferences, training needs of participants.

·         Work with the CDP Activities Manager to organize accredited training for participants.

·         Contribute good news stories to the corporations’ social media page and newsletter.

Program Manager

·         Strive to ensure the achievement of program attendance benchmarks and KPI performance expectations are met.

·         Perform duties and responsibilities in a matter that reflects and response to continuous improvement principles.

·         Complete reporting requirements when due and ensure they are lodged correctly and in a timely manner.

·         Regularly monitor expenditure for the program against budgets, closely monitor expenditure within the office to keep within budget and program expenditure guidelines.

·         Oversee the use of all CDP Employment Services assets, equipment and resources, ensure they are maintained in good working order and are available when require for activity work.

·         Complete risk management plans and ensure they are implemented by Coordinators and Supervisors.

·         Ensure all activities are compliant with requirements of the EHS legislations and regulations.

·         Report and attend to incidents, staff grievances, participant complaints.

Selection Criteria

1.    Prior experience working in an indigenous CDP Employment Services with a strong knowledge of the Community Development Program ECSN System and the contractual obligations of it from both an operational focus and a managerial focus.

2.    Tertiary qualifications in business/frontline management/management preferred.

3.    Demonstrated ability to train, mentor and motivate indigenous workers.

4.    Strong computer skills including: excel, word processing, spread sheets, asset registers, database and online government systems.

5.    Demonstrated ability to communicate well with others, advanced skills in negotiation, assessment, and observation with a customer service focus.

6.    Advanced skills in staff management, planning, time management and organisational skills to manage competing deadlines and remain compliant within government operational guidelines.

7.    Demonstrated ability to develop plain language community information tools relevant to employment services.

8.    Essential: a current manual drivers licence (leaners is not acceptable).

9.    Essential: must be eligible for MyGov ID to access ECSN and RAM commonwealth government programs.

Base Salary $95, 295 per annum

If you are interested in this position, please apply online or submit a cover letter, resume, selection criteria response via email to: or

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