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Maningrida Arts & Culture

Maningrida Arts and Culture (MAC) represents more than 250artists of the Maningrida region. The organisation implements a policy of acquisition which creates certainty and security for artists and ensures their works are presented respectfully and to a high standard. New and emerging artists are also encouraged through this policy. The majority of Aboriginal artists represented by MAC live on their Outstations. They take both their inspiration and their materials from country.

MAC has remained committed to providing accredited and in-house training. In 2011 two staff members completed a multi-media course and are now qualified photographers. This training has led to the creation of  two full-time photography positions in the Centre. Training in literacy, numeracy, freight handling and public speaking has also been undertaken. MAC workers were provided with professional development opportunities in retail and visual display through the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair held in Darwin in July 2011.

A dynamic calendar of exhibitions, both within Australia and overseas, was offered to world-wide collectors. MAC was proud to promote Aboriginal artists in London and China, as well as in major national galleries and institutions. MAC also supported four successful entrants into the 27th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award.  Exhibitors included Ivan Namirrkki, Lena Yarinkura, Bob Burruwal and Crusoe Kurddal.
MAC senior artist John Mawurndjul received an Order of Australia in 2011. His citation reads: “For service to the preservation of Indigenous culture as the foremost exponent of the Rarrk visual art style”.

In 2011 the organisation was selected by the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to participate in the construction of a giant fish trap for the new extension building of the Museum. Four Maningrida artists, Freda Wayidjba Ali, Bonny Burarn.Garra, Lorna Jin-gubarrangunyia and George Ganyjibala were involved in the project, and the fish trap is now on display in the Canberra Gallery.

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